Frequently Asked Questions

QWhy The City of Suits?

A: Before moving to Washington D.C. I had ventured down for a weekend visiting an old friend. It was a quick but memorable time. On Monday morning I was already plotting when to come back again. I was sitting in one of the many Starbucks, watching all the people come and go. Everyone was different, yet the same. Everyone wore a suit. Everyone looked awesome in their suit. Barney cropped-dscn2522.jpgfrom How I Met Your Mother couldn’t have been more proud. Ever since that day, I’ve always joked that Washington D.C. is the City of Suits.

QWhat is this blog about?

A: This blog is a collection of stories from the people who live and work in Washington D.C. It’s not about the politics of D.C. or what is or is not going on in any political party, faction, junction, street, or club. This is about the people that make this city. The District of Columbia that isn’t talked about in the media.

QAre these stories true?

A: Indeed, they are true. All names have been changed to ensure privacy.

Q: Is this a political page?

A: ABSOLUTELY NOT! Leave the politics to the Underwoods; please and thank you!

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