The Cards

suitsHearts – These are all stories revolving around love, lust, and huba-huba-you-should-probably-get-a-room-yeah-baby moments. They include fortune and misfortune. Some people just lack game. *shrug* and that’s okay.

Diamonds – You have probably guessed it. What would Washington D.C be without all the stories of the wealth, power, and glamour?

Spades – Similar to a garden tool, these plots revolve around the working world. No, they won’t be about politics. These are about professional life in Washington D.C. The stories will come from all areas and aspects of life, from taxi drivers to the top of the political food chain.

Clubs – People who live in Washington D.C. work hard and play harder. These are stories from around town. Real locations in D.C. to have fun, hear tales, and let out some steam.

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