SpadeI pulled as they pushed. We were both so involved in our own little worlds we almost ran into each other. I let the door go, stepping back with a tipsy giggle as they rushed past me.

It happened so fast.

The sound cracked out like snap of a B.B. Gun.

She stumbled past me onto the sidewalk, gasping for freedom. Something felt wrong about her movement. It was as if her surreal moment leached into reality. Everything slowed around her. Her unease seeped into the air. She started to step away from the restaurant. Hand to her temple; you could see she was wrestling with herself.

Her hair was cropped short in excellent taste that even the most polished hipster would be jealous of. Fashioned after a man from the 20’s, her hair was long on the flat top of her head and buzzed with marine precision elsewhere. The back of her T-shirt had the same logo as the restaurant.

She turned back to the door at the sound.

I stood deer-in-head-lights, trying to figure out what caused the sound and her pain.

Her eyes were edged in charcoal, and her delicate features lined with make up detailing her femininity. She was beautiful. Fairly-like as she looked up at the hand she had to her temple.

–Oh, it was my bracelet.

I looked at the ground. I couldn’t see anything anywhere. The beads had dispersed themselves too well to be found.

–I. I’m. Um.

I stuttered. I would help her look if she wanted. She felt upset to me. She felt like everything had gone wrong and if that bracelet was going to make her feel better, I was okay trying to gather all the tigers eye beads.

She sighed, noticing me for the first time. Her worry relaxed into a smile. She placed the hand with the missing bracelet into a pocket. She nodded, easing back into life.

–You know what? It’s okay. This is fated to be.

She then turned and walked away, more at peace then I ever think I could feel when walking out of a job.