Red HeartThere is something special about the secrets people tell you from their hearts. Most stories people tell come from the deepest depths of soul. Stories so dark and so full of light you know that if you shared all of what it is or was you would be breaking a sacred confidence. Still, some words stick like glue. Some lines about love stay with you.


“He proposed to me in the same spot we met five years ago.”

“I’ve always loved her, I think. It’s strange what memories will do to you.”

“When do you think he’ll notice me?”

“She’s planned every minute of our lives and all I want to do is watch my African Sunset again.”

“Do you think people should stay together for children?”

“It was an accident. It wasn’t supposed to happen. But it gave me my son, and he is the greatest gift an accident could give.”

“I never had time for love or family. I dedicated myself to what I was good at; working. Now, I have nothing.”

“Do you think he likes me?”

“Loving isn’t real. Only timing.”

“Well, I do a little bit of this and I do a little bit of that and I pray to God she doesn’t find out.”

“If he cannot provide he’s not worth your time.”

“Arrangements are easier. Contracts are better than trust.”

“He used to brag he married a woman ten years younger than him. Now, he hates it. He’s so afraid he’ll die and leave me alone. We can’t talk about it. So he doesn’t know if given a second change at life; I’d choose to spend it with him.”

“I’m afraid one day she’ll realize she should be with someone better than me.”

“What if I am not who he needs me to be?”

“When I look at myself in the mirror, I hate myself. How could someone love a person like that?”

“I swear, after ten years, he better ask me. It’s about damned time we settle.”

“I know they are the one for me because every time they hold my hand I get butterflies in my stomach. It’s been years and I still get butterflies.”

“I’m not a trophy or a collectable.”

“You know your marriage is dead when it’s all about how much passive aggressive shit you can pile onto the other person. A fucking shit show.”

“Do you really think he’s out there? What if we don’t find each other? What if we miss each other and end up alone?”

“I’m going to marry that woman.”

“I am afraid he is going to leave me.”

“How can you find love if you are unwilling to search for it?”

“You are better than you realize.”

“When she cries, my heart squeezes till my bones ache.”

“I don’t know how to be any different.”